Wi-fi is a wireless data networking protocol, which allows for PCs and laptops to access the internet, within a given area or "hotspot", via a high frequency wireless local area network (WLAN). The term Wi-Fi was coined by the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance (WECA) as another name for IEEE 802.11b networking standard. WECA is still involved in certifying new wireless modems in order to verify that they are fully compatible with the standard.

Wi-Fi vs. WiMax - Wi Do I Care?

Wi-Fi vs. WiMax - Wi Do I Care?

Wi Fi Fo Fum, I think I smell the blood...oops wrong tale. This story doesn't involve giants, but it does involve giant leaps forward in technology that will affect us all.

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Buying a Digital Voice Recorder Make Sure You Read This

You may have moments in your busy life, where you need to take down important notes, but feel just too lazy to take out a pen and a sheet of paper to note down your thoughts or take down a dictation! It is a Digital Voice recorder, that you desperately need. A solution to take down important notes quickly and easily. Well, what a digital voice recorder is actually a device that has the ability to record sounds and play them back to you (this is the basic functionality.

) It is a very handy device for people who attend meetings, conferences, take interviews, take dictations etc. However, when you consider buying a recorder, there are many other things that you should keep in mind also. It is not just the quality of the sound that matters, but the other specifications also.

For e.g. if you need long recording hours, then you should go for a recorder that has more inbuilt capacity or memory, and if it has a memory card support, it would be an added advantage.

Another thing, you should look for is connectivity features. The good voice recorders come with USB support, they can be easily connected to your computer or laptop, and the recorded media can be easily transferred for later usages. The leaders of the market in this particular product are Sony and Olympus. The prices of the recorders vary and depend on the specifications. For e.

g. a digital voice recorder that has the option of direct voice to print capabilities (via a connected bluetooth printer) will cost much more than a simple device that has just 3 buttons- namely, Record, Play and Pause. Also, another important aspect you should consider while purchasing a digital voice recorder is the durability. You should check if you are getting any kind of warranty or guarantee.

You obviously don't want to invest in something that may stop functioning after a few months. You should not forget the recurring costs also. Voice Recorders in general do consume a lot of batteries, and they can pinch your pocket if you are a heavy user. Therefore, if you select an expensive model, make sure it has a charging and electricity storing feature! this will enable you to recharge your digital voice recorder just like your mobile phone, and hence save some money for you. If you go for something, that has an inbuilt speaker system, do make sure, that their is no kind of distortion even at any given volume level- this is one of the most important quality tests for any kind of digital voice recorder.

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Wi-Fi Wireless Networking

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