Wi-fi is a wireless data networking protocol, which allows for PCs and laptops to access the internet, within a given area or "hotspot", via a high frequency wireless local area network (WLAN). The term Wi-Fi was coined by the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance (WECA) as another name for IEEE 802.11b networking standard. WECA is still involved in certifying new wireless modems in order to verify that they are fully compatible with the standard.

Wi-Fi vs. WiMax - Wi Do I Care?

Wi-Fi vs. WiMax - Wi Do I Care?

Wi Fi Fo Fum, I think I smell the blood...oops wrong tale. This story doesn't involve giants, but it does involve giant leaps forward in technology that will affect us all.

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Computer SlowFreezingClean your Registry For Fast Relief

Nothing can be more annoying than a slow running,freezing computer.It wastes your valuable time waiting for it to get going.It is aggravating and something you just do not have to tolerate. When the computer was newer it was not like that. It ran quickly and smoothly and was a pleasure to use.

What can be wrong now? Most likely your registry is bloated and overstuffed with an assortment of useless pieces of data. The operating system while running your computer has to pick its way through all this excess material. There will be bits of programs which were not completely uninstalled,parts of programs which were never completely installed,fragments of miscellaneous data,useless drivers, and a multitude of other bits and pieces. Often there is also spyware which is using your computer for nefarious purposes and slowing its operation. What is the computer registry? All Windows operated computers from Windows 95 onward have a registry. Simply put it is a databank of information which the operating system uses to run the computer and perform the tasks you ask of it.

When it becomes overstuffed with useless data the computer can slow to a crawl and become balky. What can be done to correct these problems? The answer is to clean your registry and remove all the useless data fragments and no longer needed information. You can do this manually by using regedit which is installed on all Windows computers. The average computer user does not know what should be in the registry and what should not be there. Removing the wrong things may disable your computer completely. You can also remove data needed to run some programs and they will no longer work.

If you do not know how to edit your registry yourself what can be done? The answer is to use a registry cleaning application. There are a number of these available on the internet from various sources. Some of them offer to perform a free scan on your computer and show you what has to be done to clean your registry thoroughly. You can then go ahead and perform the necessary registry editing if you feel competent to do this. The registry cleaning program will clean the registry for you for a reasonable price if you don't want to risk removing essential data.

We have tried many of these registry cleaning applications and come to some conclusions as to which is the best. They will all do the job but some just do it better and more easily than others. The small price involved is certainly well worth it to get your computer back to good performance and end the aggravation. A good registry cleaning application will begin by backing up your registry so that it can be restored if there are problems. The unecessary files and fragements,useless drivers,unused shortcuts,invalid paths and fonts and much other useless material including malicious spyware will then be removed. Your computer should then be back to top speed and running smoothly.

What a relief it is to have your computer once more performing the way it should. We recommend you to try the program we have found to be the best of them all. The modest price is well worth it to end the annoyance of a slow computer.

Slow running,freezing computer giving you problems? You can restore it to good performance quite simply and quickly. We have tried trhem all and found that REGCURE is the safest and most efficient registry cleaning application.It will quickly and safely get your computer running at top speed again.Why not try it with a free scan.You can get it free here http://www.onesourceinfo.info

Wi-Fi Wireless Networking

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