Wi-fi is a wireless data networking protocol, which allows for PCs and laptops to access the internet, within a given area or "hotspot", via a high frequency wireless local area network (WLAN). The term Wi-Fi was coined by the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance (WECA) as another name for IEEE 802.11b networking standard. WECA is still involved in certifying new wireless modems in order to verify that they are fully compatible with the standard.

Wi-Fi vs. WiMax - Wi Do I Care?

Wi-Fi vs. WiMax - Wi Do I Care?

Wi Fi Fo Fum, I think I smell the blood...oops wrong tale. This story doesn't involve giants, but it does involve giant leaps forward in technology that will affect us all.

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What To Do If You Experience A Computer Crash

Anyone who owns a computer is likely to have at some point run into problems. Whether it's the "blue screen of death" or a simple programming glitch, a computer crash is no fun. The first inclination is to panic, but that's not the best route to go. The panic might make you feel a little better, but it won't fix the computer! If you experience a computer crash, the cause can be from any of a number of sources. Here are some of the biggest things even a beginner can do to try and fix the problem.

Remember, though, that sometimes computers break and that some computer crashes can only be fixed by professionals. If it's a hardware issue and your computer is under warranty, it's a good idea to let the pros do the looking to ensure you don't do anything to void that protection. Those things said, here are a few things you can do to fix a computer crash (in some cases): * Reboot.

This sounds like way too simplistic a thing to do, but the truth is oftentimes a simple reboot will help put things back in order. Everything from lockups to failure to execute programs can be solved by a simple reboot in some cases. This is especially so, for some reason, for Windows-based systems.

* Run a scan disk and defrag. If there are files out of place, a simple onboard, Windows scan disk and defrag can help put them back where they belong and fix the issues that are causing your computer crashes. These, too, can help troubleshoot bigger issues in some cases. Remember, not all computer crashes mean the end of the machine.

Little things like missing files or corrupted files can and do cause computers to crash. * Do a virus scan. Anyone who goes on the Internet runs the risk of getting a computer virus. Many times, these viruses can cause a computer crash.

A virus scan program should be running at all times on a machine, but if it's not, a free scan is in order. If the computer crash is caused by a virus, most programs will help walk you through what to do to fix it. * Run a registry scan. The Windows registry is a complicated system that requires files to be where they belong.

When an important file in the Windows registry is out of place, corrupted or even missing, the computer is likely to not run correctly. A simple Windows registry scan and repair program can fix a computer crash quickly if this is the root of the problem. * Check hardware. Use your device manager to see if there's a problem with any of your hardware components. Such pieces of hardware as video and sound cards have a troubleshooting tab in the device manager. A computer crash doesn't have to be the end of the world.

Take a deep breath and use a little common sense to begin to diagnose the problem. Make sure, however, if you get into an area you're not comfortable with that you seek out professional assistance.

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